April 2022 Newsletter

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CNY C-Suite: The Critical Role of Apprenticeship and CTE Programs in the Construction Industry

Labor shortages continue to plague the construction industry both regionally and nationally, with such issues happening long before the COVID-19 pandemic. There is a renewed focus on apprenticeship and training programs by the trades across upstate New York. Read more HERE.

CNY MD News: The Role of Art and Cultural Institutions During Covid-19

Clinicians are no different than the patients they treat. There are many great examples of clinicians who engage in music, painting, jogging and cycling, making them perfect examples of the mind-body connection. Covid-19 has challenged us in many ways, but it has also accelerated our learning about how closely connected our physical health and mental health are. How does your practice integrate opportunities for employees and patients to make these mind-body connections? Read more HERE.

CNY C-Suite: Time to Leverage this Moment and Invest in the Future

I was hopeful that by this time in 2021 that we would have put a majority of the supply chain disruptions and COVID issues behind us, but here we are once again. Groundhog Day anyone? Manufacturers are still combatting supply chain issues and raw material sourcing obstacles. Read more HERE.


CNY Construction Contractor: Why People Get Hurt

What do we think of when we think of safety and people getting hurt? The first is the pain and suffering of the injured worker and the increasing costs of our workers’ compensation insurance. We see the immediate and obvious implications; however, we often do not recognize the giant cost factors that are lying just underneath our noses. Read more HERE.

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