February 2022 Newsletter

Chianis + Anderson Architects: Twenty Years of Building Relationships

“Our team understands construction,” says Anderson. “It is always a challenge to communicate from a desk to the guy on site standing knee-deep in mud, but our people are very good at that. If there are questions from the contractors, we are very responsive. We will go onsite and stand in the mud with them. Not every firm subscribes to that idea.” Read more HERE.

Oneida Health and Roswell Park in Oneida: The Best of Both Worlds

From its inception, the partnership between Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center and Oneida Health has had a singular mission: provide the highest quality, innovative cancer care in a community setting with an outstanding patient experience. Read more HERE.

Setting the Standard by Doing it Right the First Time

As an infantry Marine in Iraq, Chris Dambach learned about the three B’s. “They say on every mission, you’ve got to have the three B’s: the beans—accommodations, lodging, food—the bullets—tools and materials—and band-aids—PPE and safety equipment,” said Dambach, owner of Industry Standard USA, LLC, a SDVOSB, DBE company. Read more HERE.

Julie Barown Continues Legacy of Excellence at J. Andrew Lange, Inc.

Julie Barown had always excelled at math and science, but was thinking about a career in law until her high school physics teacher stopped to talk to her after class. Recognizing her natural talents, he suggested that she consider engineering instead. “It was the first time my eyes had really been opened to that field of study. Attending an all-girls high school in Brooklyn, it was just not something that anyone had suggested to me before.” Read more HERE.

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