January 2022 Newsletter

State of Manufacturing- A Case Study – CNY C-Suite

“The next several months will continue to define the future for many manufacturers. I know that most were hoping that recent issues with fractured supply chains, workforce challenges, technology, and innovation would have subsided by now. However, as OAS was able to emphatically prove, I continue to be confident that those businesses who do invest in their people, processes, equipment, and reshoring will not only experience personal success, but they will also lend a hand to this country’s ongoing post-pandemic renaissance.” Read more HERE.

Comprehensive, Leading-Edge MRI Services at Magnetic Diagnostic Resources of Central New York

Celebrating 35 years as Central New York’s premier provider of MRI services, Magnetic Diagnostic Resources of Central New York (MDR of CNY) draws on the expertise of dozens of fellowship-trained radiologists and a relentless commitment to quality to provide an exceptional experience for patients and referring clinicians. Read more HERE.

Earl Hall of SBX talks about the Upstate New York Construction Industry Climate – CNY Construction Contractor

It is remarkable what a difference a year makes when comparing the state of the construction industry in upstate New York. Without reflecting on the obvious COVID-19 related and governmental mandated challenges from 2020, the state of the regional construction industry is strong. One of my most accurate barometers has been the architectural billings and regional architectural activities. While such is not the only measure for future construction opportunities, it does tell a compelling story for what to expect in the next 6-18 months. Read more HERE.

New Head Shot Photo of Earl Hall

Protect Your Practice With Five Critical Cyber Measures

Health care has been a favorite target of hackers for years. In fact, from 2015 to 2019, ransomware attacks accounted for 28 percent of all known healthcare breaches. Any size practice is at risk. For years, many malpractice carriers have included some type of complementary cyber liability coverage. But with the rapid shift in the types of threats we’re encountering, you need to beware of what your policy does not cover. It is always advisable to seek a stand-alone product, which in almost every case, provides more comprehensive coverage. Read more HERE.

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